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  • Saumya Giri: A thought-provoking story of an ambitious Bangalore Escort Girl

A Few Words about Me:

I welcome all visitors with open arms to my website that came into existence after some dramatic sequence in my personal life. Before I start narrating that inspiring and interesting tale of my real life, I would like to tell that Saumya is not my real name. It is actually a name that I always wished to be mine right from my school days. My real name is Reeta Goswami and the entire world knows me by this name. But now, when I have become one of the most loved and admired Bangalore escorts, I am actualizing all my dreams by the name of Saumya Giri.

The Beginning of My life in Bangalore city:

Just like any other Indian girl, I had a dream of having a loving husband, a good house equipped with all the basic amenities to live a happier and satisfied life. Luckily, this dream of mine came true on 10-12-2013 when Almighty gifted me with a loving and dedicated husband and I got married with him with millions of dreams in my eyes for the future life. I and my husband started living our life in a posh apartment in the city of Bangalore where he was working in a multinational company. Both of us were the happiest couple in the world living each and every moment of life to the full.

The first turning Point in my life:

Sometimes destiny has some different plans for us. We hardly lived for 4 months together when my husband got his dream job opportunity in Dubai. So many times, my husband used to talk about his dream job in Dubai for which I used to pray day and night. But what made me utterly downcast and depressed was my husband’s inability to take me along as there was some Visa related issues and the terms of the company that did not allow me to accompany my husband. It was a contract of two years that was equal to 200 years for a newly married wife like me. But I realized that my husband dreams are now my dreams and I let my husband go with a heavy heart and a flood of tears in my eyes.

My first interaction with my neighborhood friend Kamini:

My husband flew away to Duabi leaving me in the flat that he purchased specially for me. The highly luxurious flat now started to tease me with the memories of my husband, and so many times I used to cry and weep thinking all the golden moments that we had passed together. A single day became a year for me and life was becoming a burden day by day. My mom called me 2 times every day and finding no solution to my problem of killing loneliness, she suggested me to seek friendship with someone in my neighborhood society. By chance, one day while operating my washing machine in the balcony, I had a glance at Kamini who was looking at me with rapt attention. We exchanged a ‘hello’ and got introduced to each other. During that very first meeting, I very humbly invited her to have a cup of coffee with me on the same day and she accepted my proposal very happily.

Our first step towards making life delightful and lighter

During the very first conversation with my neighbor Kamini, I came to know that she was living in the same status as I was. Her husband was working in the US on a 3 years’ contract. We were sailing in the same boat and keeping in view the same, we tried to find something new to delight our hearts through the internet as it was the only resource for our entertainment. We were in search of some kind of work which we could do as independent women. Suddenly during our search, we came to know with the term independent female Bangalore escorts on the search engine page. We clicked the link and dialed the number which was given over there. When we called, a male voice attended our call and he told that it was the number of an agency that provided physical pleasure services to the men of high profiles. He also proposed us to join if interested.

How we established the top Bangalore Escorts Agency:

After that telephonic experience with the agency communication manager, I conducted a lot of research on all escorts in Bangalore and came to know that it was really a great idea to execute in our life while earning both money and pleasure that we were missing in life. In place of joining any agency, we decided to establish our own agency so that we can offer opportunities to all the girls and ladies of our circles. It was overall a revolutionary idea but needed to a lot of efforts to make. Luckily, Kamini had been a student of information technology up to her graduation, and she took all the technical responsibility while I started all other communication related activity. After the untiring hard work of 2 continuous months, our website went live while making both of us the happiest persons on this planet. After this, we associated ourselves with more girls of our circle and today, we are the most reliable and dependable escorts agency in Bangalore.

Get in touch with us

On the communication front, in the beginning I used to attend all the phone calls myself but due to some nonsense type of people I finally had to stop that. These unserious people used to irritate me with some kind of highly private questions which I don’t think is necessary to mention here. But, even today, if you send me an email, I would personally draft the reply for you. For the handling of telephonic communication, we have exclusively appointed our personal communication manager whom we have fully authorized to finalize all the appointments. Give us a call for life-changing sensual delight. Contact me as soon as possible for Ahmedabad escorts services as well.

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